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Bathtub Refinishing Services

Why Remove It.....When We Can Improve It?

Bathtub Refinishng,  Bathtub Reglazing,  Bathtub Resurfacing are one and the same 

Refinishing a bathtub can instantly transform a drab bathroom and bring about a totally new look to your home affordably.  Bathtub refinishing is the process by which an old bathtub is restored to like-new condition by applying a durable, easy to clean,
sprayed-on acrylic coating. 

Adam Ebert
Tom Ebert
30 years Experience

If you have ever purchased paint before, you know that the price varies by quality. For example, exterior house paint ranges from $20 a gallon for economy grade to well over $100 a gallon for superior lifetime premier grade. Paint is simply a blend of chemicals; the more abundance in the mixture, the higher the cost. Cheap paint has few chemicals in it. A typical bathtub resurfacing company can save thousands of dollars a month by purchasing cheap tub coatings.

Products to reglaze a bathtub have been around for decades, and many companies still use this old technology.  However, in recent years great improvements have been made in the materials used to refinish a bathtub and in the products used to prepare the surface before applying the bathtub resurfacing coat.  We use the most innovative, technologically advanced, environmentally responsible materials for reglazing a bathtub.  Whirlbath's Diamond Glaze Surface synthetic porcelain (See www.diamondglazesurface.com) is a superior residential-only grade tub coat. Commercial grade material is is far lower quality.  The life span is shorter because hotels must redo their tubs on an on-going basis. Diamond Glaze Surface has a high gloss, stain-resistant, deep tone finish which looks and feels like a brand new surface.  It is engineered by Dow Chemical to be extremely durable, hard, and looks good as new for many years. We do not use quick curing chemical agents. This coat is non-hazardous and non-flammable, and offensive odor is reduced.  It is the safest and most durable coating available.  Other companies sell a similar high-end coat for hundreds of $$ more.

The Quality of the Bathtub Refinishing Coatings
Experience: 30 years
We will not cut corners or sacrifice quality
Attention to detail: 
Strive for perfection, perfect masking
Show up on time
    Do exactly what we say we will do
Materials and equipment used:
State of the art 
    Thickest coat possible
    Low pressure spray equipment
    Will not make overspray mess
    No air pollution
    No toxic-type materials used
    Highest quality we can obtain
    No car or airplane paint
Extra service: We repair chips and damaged areas    
Our Pledge of Excellence
Refinish a Bathtub
The look, quality and durability of resurfacing a bathtub depends not only on the materials used, but also the experience of the technicians. It takes a lot of skill to reglaze a bathtub. There will be no beginners or trainees on your job, just experienced pros. This will be evident when you see the beautiful work we do. We promise to treat you and your home with the courtesy and respect you deserve. Also, we pledge to do our best to turn you into another satisfied customer who will recommend us to their friends.
The Skill of our Technicians

The formula for a cheap job is low cost labor and materials.
The formula for a quality job is superior labor and materials.

Beware of someone who tells you they can do a high-quality job for cheap prices. 

 A Quality Bathtub Reglazing vs a Cheap One

Our family has been in the residential bathtub resurfacing business for many years.  Utilizing our experience and knowledge, we follow strict guidelines and use the highest quality synthetic porcelain available to refinish a bathtub. Years ago, only porcelain cast iron and steel bathtubs could be refinished.  However, modern techniques and materials have been developed so that the bathtub reglazing process can now be used on acrylic, fiberglass, cultured marble, and antique clawfoot bathtubs.

There is no need to replace a bathtub if it is dull, chipped, worn or an out-dated color.  It is very cost effective and time saving to refinish a tub and achieve the clean, fresh, updated look your bathroom needs.

Residential Only

Our journeyman technicians have over ten years experience and are skilled craftsmen who take pride in their workmanship.  We do only residential jobs, no commercial work.  Even though our techs are paid two to three times the hourly rate for commercial techs, we still sell our services for less than most other refinishers.  We believe you will find us to be the best value in town if you are needing to refinish a bathtub.

All other tub reglazing companies mainly do commercial work, because only 20% of the work done in the country is in residential homes.  80% is commercial work for hotels, motels, apartments, etc.  Other companies prefer this commercial work as it is easier and cheaper to do a large quantity of jobs in one location.  Far less expensive labor and materials can be used on these commercial jobs.  In addition, there is much less attention to detail and professionalism required than when working in a homeowner's residence.  Why hire a commercial bathtub refinisher to do your residential work?

Why our Quality is Superior

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